The Royals

Author: Erin Watt

Book1:         Paper Princess

Book2:        Broken Prince

Book3:        Twisted Palace

Moon Rating:

4.5 Moons


Paper Princess

Paper Princess Cover

The Royals series focuses on 17 Year old Ella Harper, who starts off as on the run from the Social since her Mother died from cancer.  She has been left completely alone…  Or so she thought.

One day, Callum Royal turns up at Ella’s school.  He announces he is now her legal Guardian, as the best friend of her late father, and turns Ella’s life upside down.  She’s transported from poverty into the rich (and worryingly sexual) life of The Royals.

These books are definitely not YA as advertised, and despite a few consent issues (especially in The Paper Princess), I did enjoy being transported into The Royal World.  This series has a few errors throughout, and a few plot holes in places, and also a few loose ends that haven’t been tied.

Ella is a strong lead character, and aware of how the traumas of her past were influencing the decisions of the present.  There is a lot of emotional, physical and sexual violence throughout the books, which makes it impossible to figure out why this book is aimed at impressionable teenagers.

The new arrival into the Royal Palace draws obvious hostility from the 5 Royal Boys.  While the students wait to find out what final decisions the Royal Siblings make about Ella, They mimic the hostility towards her.  Ella must deal with constant hate and attacks in her new life.  Just as things are starting to become too hard to cope, things take a turn, and she starts to think that it may not be so bad to stick around.

Just as the first book ends, we’re left with a cliffhanger as Ella finds herself betrayed, and onto book 2…


Broken Prince

Broken Prince CoverSo, Ella has packed her stuff and run off.  The Royals are fuming with Reed. They had started to love Ella and nobody is happy to find her gone.

In comparison to the first book, Reed Royal is the narrator for the most part of the second book. It was good to see his side and worked with the storyline. With everything that happened during the first installment, his thoughts and feelings were insightful.

The Second installment of The Royals series tells of the decline of the Royal Power.  The brothers are drifting further and further apart showing public hostility towards each other.

Without the brother’s running the show, the school has fallen into disrepair.  Vicious rumours are spreading about Ella’s disappearance.

An army of detectives paid for by Callum eventually find Ella in Nashville. Despite being unhappy about it, Ella agrees to come home after a few bribes and threats.  She had begun to think of The Royals as family, and she soon realizes her actions have affected more people than she thought.

As Ella tries to make amends to the people she upset by leaving, Reed is determined to win Ella back.

With another Cliffhanger ending, we go onto book 3….


Twisted Palace

Twisted Palace CoverSo, Ella finally has a place to call home. The shock return of Steve rips the finally found stability out from beneath Ella’s feet.  Book 3 of The Royal’s contains lots more secrets and lies.  It follows the same pattern of the previous books;  High school drama, Palace Drama, Sexual tension between Ella and Reed, and the easy friendship between Ella and the middle Royal brother Easton.







I read this whole series in 24 hours….forgetting to sleep, totally had me hooked from the first chapter.  The end of the series leaves way too many loose ends for me, and I really hope that the series will continue, despite there being no mention of any plans.

My reason for the missing half moon, is the few issues within the first book.  This book is supposedly aimed at teens. Also, there are a few loose ends I want cleared up… More books please!

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