Author: Maria V. Snyder

Book1:         Touch of Power

Book2:        Scent of Magic

Book3:        Touch of Darkness

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Touch of Power

Touch of Power; Avry of Kazan Book 1

The Healer series focuses on Avry of Kazan, who is in hiding after being on the run for years.  Avry is a Healer, however Healers are hated after being blamed for a plague that decimated the population of the Fifteen Realms.

One mistake means that Avry has to flee.  She used her powers to heal an infant girl from certain death. Unfortunately, she doesn’t flee quick enough after waiting for herself to recover from using her powers and she is caught.  Once, caught Healers are put to death.

Waiting for her execution in a dark cell, Avry is unexpectedly (to her, at least) rescued and dragged into the dangerous political intrigues of warring realms.

She soon learns her rescue comes with a price.  The group of men have a sick friend they want her to heal.  However, there is a problem.  The sick friend is a royal.  The same royal who started the rumor about the Healer’s and the plague, causing them to be hunted to near extinction.  He currently has the plague, which is certain death.  However, the populace (including the band of man) don’t realise that it is also certain death for the healers, hence the reason they refused to heal suffers.

Avry refuses to consider healing the man without enlightening the men as to why, and tries to escape.  She is consequently dragged back by Kerrick, the leader of the men.  With the lack of any other options, Avry travels with the guys and soon settles into a friendship with (most) of them.  During their adventures, Avry saves the lives of the men, and the men save her life in return.  All through this, the men try to convince Avry to heal their friend.

Throughout the story, the tension between Kerrick and Avry becomes obviously more sexual as their feelings for each other become apparent to everyone but them.

Avry loved her position as healer, she is a strong, stubborn and believable main character. I quickly came to love Avry, Kerrick and the others.

Scent of Magic

Unfortunately, the second installment of the series sees the two main characters separated fairly early, and this is the way they stay for most of the book.  On the positive side, this does mean that we get the POV of Kerrick as well as Avry.  However, much less dynamic from their relationship.

Throughout this book, we meet a whole new set of characters to interact with as the band split up.  Avry uses her new skills learnt in the previous installment to goundercover and gather intellegence.  She still needs to hide her power, as everybody starts to covert her.




Taste of Darkness

Taste of Darkness; Avry of Kazan Book 3Avry and Kerrick are battling evil from all sides.  Tohon is still after them, and there’s a new threat emerging from the Skeleton King.

Unfortunately, Kerrick is lost again in this installment, after barely being rescued from the last book.  This causes many a problem within our group.  The search for Kerrick is fruitless and Avry is forced to continue without him to do her part in the battle against evil.

On the other side, Kerrick has been healed but this has one major stipulation attached, Kerrick cannot leave the confines of the forest.

Throughout the book, more friends are lost and found, Avry is kidnapped and tortured, and the war comes to it’s conclusion.


I really enjoyed reading this series, I loved the interaction between the characters.  The mischievous Monkeys and “Thank the Flea!”, and big brother Belen.

despite the ending feeling mainly finished, it may have been a little rushed and I do believe there were a few loose threads that could have done with tying up.

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